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Swim N Safe Swim School

A PADI swim school.


Our Promise

We promise to make your kids and grandkids safer around water. We want them to be comfortable, not afraid, of the pool, lake, or beach. Most of all we want then to be able to have fun safely!

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $40 to cover set up costs, and student tracker materials.

Our Programs

Star Babies and Star Tots (6 months-18 months, and 18 months-36 months)

This is designed to get baby comfortable in the water. This course requires an adult to be in the water with baby. The course is does not teach babies and tots to become accomplished swimmers or survive in the water; it does provide confidence building, bonding, and a loving experience. We will learn how to get their faces wet, lean back, and try to float! The Tots will learn basic holding their breath underwater, how to jump in and basic self-rescue skills. We will practice, "what happens if you fall in?" in both a bathing suit and street cloths. Parents will learn water safety techniques like: what life vest is appropriate? They will see the basics steps of CPR for drowning accidents (it's different). Both the parent(s) and child will be learning this class It's also fun time in the water with the baby. We sing songs, jam out to music, and play with bubbles. My twins love it, and I am sure your babies will too! It is an amazing time to bond with your baby.

Star Baby and Star Tots will be posting more information soon.

Smaller Safe Swimmers (3-5years)

PADI Swim School for Preschoolers

Designed to meet the needs of preschoolers, this course is developed to develop a high comfort level in the water and a readiness to swim. Your kids will be learning how to self-rescue. They will learn how to safely get into and out of the water. They will learn to float and the basics of swimming. We WILL make your child safer around the water. It doesn't happen overnight, but we will get them there. We use noodles and floats to help them figure the water out. 

Smaller Safe Swimmers cost $165 per session (six weeks) lessons will be 2x a week your choice of days

This is broken into 6-week sessions. Your child's progress will be monitored by our PADI swim progress trackers -- so even if your child is in a group with newer swimmers, they will still get the individualized training each of them deserves. Class sizes are 6 kiddos per instructor. There is also ALWAYS a second instructor outside of the pool with eyes on the water.

Safe Swimmers PADI Swim School (6 years-12 years)

Your child will learn how to self-rescue! The older kiddos are a bit more advanced and developmentally ready to self-save. They work toward the development of the five core swimming competencies using age-appropriate learning activities. Learning is self-paced. 

Safe Swimmers cost

$165 per session (six weeks) 2 lessons per week

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